Alert: COVID-19 Travel Update U.S. Embassy Jakarta

ALERT - Alert Graphic (State Dept.)

Location:  Indonesia — Countrywide

Event:  Alert: COVID-19 Update 2021 Indonesian Travel Restrictions May 6-17, U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia (19 April, 2021)

The Government of Indonesia has announced it will restrict all forms of domestic travel in Indonesia during the period of May 6 – 17 in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as per the COVID-19 Task Force Circular Letter Number 13 of April 07, 2021.  The regulations, impacting both public and private transportation, have not been finalized and are subject to frequent changes.  As a result, travelers should regularly consult with their airline or travel provider for up-to-date details.

It is recommended that any planned travel during the May 6 – 17 period be delayed.  Anyone who chooses to travel will likely face delays, cancellations (flight, bus, ferry, etc), and increased government checkpoints.  The Government of Indonesia has indicated that travelers will need an authorization to travel during this period, based on specific exceptions, and must present a written travel permit (“Surat Izin Keluar/Masuk” (SIKM)) which should be obtained from their employer or local authorities.

Travelers with planned flight itineraries during the period of May 6 – 17 should contact their airline for further information.


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