Ambassador Blake Visits PT. Goodyear Indonesia, Tbk, Highlights Company’s Support to Indonesia’s Growing Auto Sector

On July 14, U.S. Ambassador Robert Blake traveled to Bogor, Indonesia, to visit PT. Goodyear Indonesia, Tbk’s manufacturing facilities to highlight the long-term contributions of U.S. companies in Indonesia.  Ambassador Blake congratulated Goodyear for its contributions toward improving the safety and quality of automobiles in Indonesia and across the region with its tire technology and products, as well as its corporate social responsibility programs in the community.  Goodyear has been in Indonesia since 1917, and is the largest taxpayer in Bogor.

“Companies like Goodyear Indonesia have done a superb job of partnering with the local industry and communities to increase the value of Indonesian products and raw materials,” said the Ambassador, “the ongoing support of companies like Goodyear Indonesia will be pivotal to Indonesia’s growing auto sector and economy.”

Allen Loi, managing director of Goodyear Indonesia, added: “Goodyear Indonesia has enjoyed a long history in Indonesia and in Bogor, and will continue to deepen its local partnerships to ensure success in its economic, environmental, and social sustainability endeavors.”

Goodyear Indonesia is a manufacturer, exporter, importer, and distributor of tires, inner tubes, flaps, and other rubber derivative products.