Ambassador Blake’s Travel to Ambon

Ambassador Blake’s Travel to Ambon (State Dept.)

During a September 6-7, 2015 visit, Ambassador Blake witnessed Ambon City mark its 440th anniversary with songs, jet flyovers, and a world record-setting potluck lunch for city residents. During his visit the Ambassador and Surabaya Consul General Variava joined the Maluku Governor, Vice Governor, and other religious leaders to celebrate the Maluku Protestant Church’s 80th anniversary.

The Ambassador also visited Pattimura University, which hosts one of the ten American Corners in Indonesia and serves as a place where students of many different faiths meet and participate in cultural activities. While at Pattimura University, Ambassador Blake also delivered the graduation speech for the fourth group of local young people to complete the English Access Micro-scholarship Program.

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Ambassador Blake Visit to Ambon