Ambassador Donovan Highlights Link Between Investment, Education, and Prosperity in Bojonegoro

Ambassador Donovan Highlights Link Between Investment, Education, and Prosperity in Bojonegoro (State Dept.)

United States Ambassador to Indonesia, Joseph R. Donovan Jr, saw first-hand how ExxonMobil and the Regency of Bojonegro are partnering to improve the future of Bojonegoro’s communities.  Ambassador Donovan, accompanied by Surabaya Consul General Heather Variava, visited ExxonMobil’s Banyu Urip project, one of Indonesia’s largest oil developments, and later met with the Regent of Bojonegoro, Suyoto Ngartep Mustajab (Kang Yoto).  He also toured the Teacher Learning Center (TLC), a partnership between ExxonMobil, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation and the Bojonegoro and Tuban regencies’ education agencies.

ExxonMobil’s Banyu Urip project produces over 200,000 barrels of oil daily, a quarter of Indonesia’s daily production.  Since 2007, ExxonMobil in Indonesia has contributed more than $30 million in community projects focused on health, education, and local economic development.  Ambassador Donovan conveyed his appreciation for the strong partnership between the Regency of Bojonegoro and ExxonMobil to Kang Yoto, noting, “The partnership between ExxonMobil and Bojonegoro is an example of what American investment brings to Indonesia.”  The Ambassador also praised Kang Yoto’s emphasis on governmental transparency, good governance, and commitment to human rights, as well as the Regent’s work to ensure that the community benefits from Bojonegoro’s natural resources.

Ambassador Donovan ended his third official visit to East Java with a stop at one of twoTeacher Learning Center (TLC) campuses, where over 1,000 teachers in Bojonegoro and nearly 500 in Tuban have been trained.  “Here we see how ExxonMobil and the Bojonegoro and Tuban regencies are investing in the future of your communities.  Projects like the TLC are an example of how American investment in Indonesia benefits local communities, and demonstrate the strong and continued Strategic Partnership between Indonesia and the United States.”