Ambassador Kim’s Remarks at Opening of Boeing’s New Jakarta Office

(Photo: State Dept. / Budi Sudarmo)

Ambassador Sung Y. Kim spoke at the October 4 office opening ceremony for U.S. company Boeing, which recently completed a significant investment as part of its commitment to expanding its commercial relationship with Indonesia.  The new Boeing office in Jakarta’s South Central Business District (SCBD), with dozens of newly-hired staff, is also home to a regional headquarters for the Boeing Engineering Global Support Center which provides engineering support for customers across Southeast Asia.  Boeing has been in Indonesia for more than 74 years, dating back to 1949 when Garuda Indonesia began operations flying special transports with a Douglas DC-3. 

Ambassador Kim: 

Good morning distinguished guests from the Indonesian government, esteemed aviation CEOs, Boeing executives, friends, and colleagues.
It is an honor to celebrate the grand opening of Boeing’s new office in Indonesia.  This event signifies an important milestone for Boeing and underscores the enduring strength of the partnership between the United States and Indonesia.

Boeing has an impressive track record of innovation and excellence within the aerospace industry, and today we gather to acknowledge the value that Boeing brings to Indonesia.  The establishment and expansion of Boeing’s presence in in Indonesia shows that collaboration can serve as key driver for economic growth.  By inaugurating this office, Boeing is not only investing in its future but also investing in Indonesia’s future.

Indonesia is well positioned to benefit from the world-class aircraft manufactured by Boeing.  From the reliable and efficient 737 MAX to the cutting-edge 787 Dreamliner and upcoming 777X, Boeing has been a trusted partner in connecting people and goods across the globe.  Boeing’s commitment to safety, technology, and environmental sustainability aligns well with Indonesia’s own objectives for a sustainable future.

The relationship between the United States and Indonesia is built on a strong foundation, characterized by cooperation and mutual respect in all of the areas in which we cooperate.  Boeing’s expanded footprint in Indonesia highlights our shared dedication to creating jobs, promoting economic growth, innovation, and security.