@america Welcomes 500,000th Visitor

On Saturday, January 11, the 500,000th visitor to @america stepped through the doors of the U.S. Government’s high-tech cultural center in the Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta. Syarifah Rahma was recognized by Ambassador-designate Robert Blake and received a package of English and Indonesian language books on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

person receiving an award
@america’s 500,000th visitor Syarifah Rahma receives her fully loaded Kindle Fire from Ambassador Designate Blake.

“We opened @america on December 10, 2010 and we have hosted over a half a million visitors for almost 2,000 events,” said Blake. “@america is part of the realization of President Obama’s dream to bring our two great countries closer together.”

Since opening its doors in December 2010, @america has utilized the latest technologies to engage, inform, and promote mutual understanding with emerging leaders and youth on issues of mutual interest to the United States and Indonesia. @america promotes exchange and discussion on issues like education, democracy, tolerance, entrepreneurship, technology, and environmental conservation. Open to the public with free events every day of the year, @america strives to strengthen the bonds between the United States and Indonesia.

Syarifah was visiting @america together with 120 English Access Microscholarship program participants for a summer camp. This program provides English language and leadership education for underrepresented young Indonesians from nine different sites across the archipelago.

For more information, contact U.S. Embassy Information Officer, Ed Dunn, at 0811-1521-548 or DunnEA2@state.gov, or Indar Juniardi at 0812-1035-320 or JuniardiI@state.gov.