American Group Dance Heginbotham Strengthens People-to-People Ties through Dance

Dance Motion USA Heginbotham Group performing in Jakarta. (State Dept./ Erik Kurniawan)

Jakarta –Part of the annual DanceMotion USA program that brings American contemporary dance to audiences worldwide, Dance Heginbotham visited Jakarta, Jailolo of North Maluku, and Yogyakarta March 21 – April 8, 2016 and strengthened the people-to-people relationships between the United States and Indonesia.

In Jakarta, Dance Heginbotham held choreography composition classes, dance workshops, and a stage production clinic for more than 150 participants at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (IKJ) and the Jakarta State University (UNJ).  Their two performances at @america in Pacific Place Mall on March 22 and Salihara Theater on April 7 garnered an audience of more than 400, comprised of art practitioners, students, and dance enthusiasts. The workshops and performances were replicated in Ternate at the Jailolo Cultural Festival.  In Yogyakarta, Dance Heginbotham conducted workshops and held special classes for persons with disabilities at Yogyakarta State University (UNY). They also performed at Bagong Kussudiarjo Art Center.

Dance Motion USA Heginbotham. (State Dept./Erik Kurniawan)
Dance Motion USA Heginbotham. (State Dept./Erik Kurniawan)

Artistic Director John Heginbotham notes: “It has been a great privilege to dance with the people of Indonesia. My company and I have met and danced with people of many varied backgrounds and abilities, and learned that an intensely generous and hopeful spirit is flourishing here.”
DanceMotion USA offers views of contemporary American society and culture as seen by independent American artists, and provides a cultural exchange between the American artists and local artists.  Dance Heginbotham also visited Laos and the Philippines before ending their tour in Indonesia.

Dance Heginbotham is a New York City based contemporary dance group founded in 2011. This following Dance Heginbotham member are on the Indonesia tour: artistic director and lead choreographer John Heginbotham, managing director Adrienne Bryant, production stage manager Valerie Oliveiro, multi-instrumentalist musician Nathan Koci, and dancers John Eirich, Kristen Foote, Lindsey Jones, Courtney Lopes, Weaver Rhodes, Sarah Stanley, and Macy Sullivan.

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