Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles Rivkin Travels to Indonesia

Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles Rivkin Travels to Indonesia

I’ve spent every day of my presidency fighting to grow our economy and strengthen our middle class. That means making sure our workers have a fair shot to get ahead here at home, and a fair chance to compete around the world. My approach to trade has been guided by a unifying principle: leveling the playing field for American workers and businesses, so we can export more products stamped Made in America all over the world that support higher-paying American jobs here at home.Over the summer, Democrats and Republicans in Congress came together to help the United States negotiate agreements for free and fair trade that would support our workers, our businesses, and our economy as a whole. When more than 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, we can’t let countries like China write the rules of the global economy. We should write those rules, opening new markets to American products while setting high standards for protecting workers and preserving our environment.That’s what the agreement reached today in Atlanta will do. Trade ministers from the 12 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership finished negotiations on an agreement that reflects America’s values and gives our workers the fair shot at success they deserve.This partnership levels the playing field for our farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers by eliminating more than 18,000 taxes that various countries put on our products. It includes the strongest commitments on labor and the environment of any trade agreement in history, and those commitments are enforceable, unlike in past agreements. It promotes a free and open Internet. It strengthens our strategic relationships with our partners and allies in a region that will be vital to the 21st century. It’s an agreement that puts American workers first and will help middle-class families get ahead.Once negotiators have finalized the text of this partnership, Congress and the American people will have months to read every word before I sign it. I look forward to working with lawmakers from both parties as they consider this agreement. If we can get this agreement to my desk, then we can help our businesses sell more Made in America goods and services around the world, and we can help more American workers compete and win.

Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles H. Rivkin will travel to Indonesia November 2-8 to meet with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Indonesian officials and advance Department objectives in entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, November 3-5, Assistant Secretary Rivkin will meet with government officials, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to discuss economic growth, trade, and investment issues, as well as the development of Indonesia’s creative economy.  With ASEAN and Indonesian officials, Assistant Secretary Rivkin will discuss the importance of building strong enabling environments for innovation, developing thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, and attracting investment as a driver of economic growth and development.

On November 4, Assistant Secretary Rivkin will meet with the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia to discuss e-commerce and the digital economy.  Later he will speak at the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club about the strong relationship between the United States and ASEAN, and the organization’s key role in driving broader regional economic growth and integration.  He will also participate in an event at @america, a state-of-the art cutting-edge cultural center funded and built by the U.S. Department of State in 2010.  His speech will focus on innovation and intellectual property rights and their importance in Indonesia’s creative economy.

In Bali, Indonesia, November 5-7, Assistant Secretary Rivkin will attend meetings that bring together small business owners, entrepreneurs, and angel investors to discuss the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia and discuss way to facilitate greater innovation and investment opportunities.  He will participate in the launch of the first Eastern Indonesia Angel Investor Network at Hubud, a co-working space for entrepreneurs in Ubud, Bali.  Finally, the Assistant Secretary will kick-start the Road to Bali Startup Weekend event with his participation in the Rumah Sanur Creative Space workshop on supporting entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

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