DFC CEO Adam Boehler to Travel to the Indo-Pacific

DFC CEO Adam Boehler to Travel to the Indo-Pacific (State Dept. / Freepik)

Visit marks first official travel since the launch of DFC

DFC CEO Adam Boehler to Travel to the Indo-Pacific (U.S. International Development Finance Corporation)

WASHINGTON – Following the official launch of the new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), Chief Executive Officer Adam Boehler will travel to Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia January 6 – 10 for meetings with senior government officials and private sector leaders. Boehler will highlight DFC’s enhanced tools, resources, and flexibility to support private sector investment in the Indo-Pacific region as well as strengthen key regional relationships in pursuit of shared development goals.

“Home to many of the world’s fastest growing economies, the Indo-Pacific represents a remarkable opportunity to partner with the private sector,” said Boehler. “I am eager to visit this important region to promote transparent, principled investments in critical infrastructure and life-changing services like technology and healthcare.”

While in the Indo-Pacific, Boehler will meet with regional business leaders to explore high-impact investment opportunities such as the development of quality infrastructure—particularly in sectors like transportation, energy, and the digital economy. Boehler will also meet with high-level government officials to enhance cooperation in support of regional development, prosperity, and stability.

The visit marks Boehler’s first official travel following the launch of DFC, a new U.S. Government agency that consolidated and modernized the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and USAID’s Development Credit Authority (DCA). With a more than doubled investment cap of $60 billion and new financial tools, DFC is equipped to more effectively mobilize private sector capital to priority regions across the globe such as the Indo-Pacific.

Further, DFC plays an important role in advancing U.S. foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific and beyond, including by offering a principled alternative focused on quality and sustainability and which aims to attract more private sector investment.


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