Professional Exchange Programs

U.S. professional exchange programs establish and promote enduring personal and professional ties between the United States and Indonesia. Through these programs Americans and Indonesians form long-lasting relationships in key areas that help to further the U.S. – Indonesia Strategic Partnership such as trade and development, security cooperation and good governance. Networks are also strengthened through ongoing alumni activities following these exchange programs.

The U.S. Mission to Indonesia offers various short-term and long-term professional exchange programs ranging from one week to one year in length. Learn more about these exchange programs here. A list of some exchange programs is below. If you have any specific questions, please contact us at

  • Community Solutions Program (CSP): A fourth-month, hands-on community leader program open to those aged 25-38 and working in the following areas: transparency and accountability, tolerance and conflict resolution, environment, and gender issues.
  • International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP): The U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program that provides firsthand knowledge about U.S. society, culture, and politics, while cultivating professional relationships over three weeks in the United States. Eligible candidates must be 25-45 years old and English language proficiency is not required.
  • International Writing Program (IWP): An internationally-known forum held annually at the University of Iowa, which brings together rising literary figures for a 12-week writer-in-residency program.
  • Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Scholars: An intensive, six-week, post-graduate level academic program with an integrated study tour to provide foreign university faculty and other scholars (aged 30-50) the opportunity to deepen their understanding of U.S. society, culture, values, and institutions in the fields of U.S. National Security Policy Making, American Politics and Political Thought, Contemporary American Literature, Journalism and Media, Religious Pluralism in the United States, U.S. Culture and Society, and U.S. Foreign Policy.
  • Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Secondary Educators: Open to secondary school educators including teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, and ministry of education officials who are aged 30-50 to gain a deeper understanding of U.S. society, education, and culture. The five-week program provides content and materials to develop high school level curricula about the United States.

Additional organizations with U.S. professional exchange opportunities: