YSEALI Academic Fellowship

YSEALI (State Dept.)
YSEALI (State Dept.)

Eligible Indonesian YSEALI members can apply for the Spring 2024 YSEALI Academic Fellowship online from September 13th , 2023 at 16.00 WIB until October 13th , 2023, at 10.00 WIB!

The YSEALI Academic Fellowship is an intensive short-term academic program whose purpose is to provide groups of young leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States and a particular theme, while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills.  The Fellowship will focus on one of three themes: Civic Engagement, Environmental Issues, and Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. The five-week programs will consist of a balanced series of seminar discussions, readings, group presentations, and lectures.  The coursework and classroom activities will be complemented by educational travel, site visits, leadership activities, and volunteer opportunities within the local community.  During the academic residency, participants will also have opportunities to engage in educational and cultural activities outside of the classroom.  If conditions allow, the Fellowship will include an educational study tour to other areas of the United States where they will meet with local, state, private, and nonprofit organizations working in the field.  Note that if the program must take place virtually, Fellows will engage in similar activities but online from their home countries.

Virtual Program Contingency: Should health, safety, and travel conditions continue to pose significant challenges, the Academic Fellowship will pivot to a virtual format.  The virtual program would consist of a minimum of 36 hours of required programming with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  To the extent possible, the virtual programming would include lectures, small group discussions, videos, readings, panels, site visits, leadership development, assignments, and individual and group activities.  Participants would be expected to fully participate in the entire virtual program from their location.

Since Spring 2015, hundreds of Indonesian YSEALI members have joined fellows from all ten ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste to complete a YSEALI Academic Fellowship on one of three themes:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Environment Issues and Natural Resources Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

YSEALI members aged 18-25 who are current students or who graduated from university less than five years ago.

Applicants must be:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 25 at the time of application;
  • A citizen of one of the following countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, or Vietnam;
  • A resident of one of the following countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, or Vietnam;
  • Not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.;
  • A full-time undergraduate or graduate student or graduated less than five years ago from an institution of higher learning;
  • Proficient in English. Able to read, write, and speak English in a U.S. university classroom setting. (Note: No TOEFL, IELTS, or other test score is required. English language ability is evaluated through the application form and interviews with YSEALI program staff);
  • Eligible to receive a J-1 visa (a J-1 visa is for individuals approved to participate in work-and study-based exchange visitor programs to the United States sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. As an Indonesian recipient of the J-1 visa for the YSEALI Academic Fellowship program, you will be subject to a two-year Foreign Residency Requirement. This means that for a period of two years after your return from the Academic Fellowship program, you will not be eligible to apply for a visa to immigrate to the United States as a Legal Permanent Resident or to apply for a work visa that would allow you to accept employment in the United States without a waiver. However, the Foreign Residency Requirement does not affect your eligibility for U.S. student, tourist, or business visas.)

Applicants should:

  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university, place of work, and/or community;
  • Demonstrate interest, knowledge, or professional experience in one or more YSEALI theme (civic engagement, entrepreneurship and economic growth, environment issues,);
  • Demonstrate a commitment to or interest in community service, volunteerism, or mentorship;
  • Indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States and ASEAN as a region;
  • Be willing to actively participate in an intensive academic program, community service activity, and study tour;
  • Have a commitment to return to their home country to apply leadership skills and training to benefit their community, country, or the region of Southeast Asia; and
  • Have little or no prior experience in the United States.

Submit an electronic application HERE by 10.00 WIB (10 AM Jakarta time) on October 13th , 2023!

Please note: Only shortlisted candidates will be notified to schedule an interview.

Questions? E-mail us at YSEALIjkt@state.gov