YSEALI Regional Workshops


Workshops are gatherings of YSEALI members in various locations throughout ASEAN that provide hands-on training, and peer networking to give you the necessary tools to take on leadership roles. These workshops offer opportunities to collaborate with other young leaders in the region and to go further in-depth into the YSEALI themes. Participants return to share the training they received.

Upcoming Workshops:
Protecting and Combatting Marine Debris in the Seas of Southeast Asia
Date: August 4 – 9, 2018
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The YSEALI Marine Debris Expedition will bring 60 Young Southeast Asian Leaders from all 10 ASEAN countries together to gain a deeper understanding of the issue of marine debris through field expeditions. Energetic and passionate young leaders will learn broad of knowledge of waste management system, marine litter issues and current status, and how rivers become the key success factor. The expedition will also deliver hands-on experiences and help young leaders create real impact before returning to their home countries to apply new knowledge and ideas in their own communities. All program costs including flight/transportation, meals, and accommodation will be covered by YSEALI. Please note that only flights within the 10 ASEAN countries are eligible; additional costs are the responsibility of participants.


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  • YSEALI Generation: Oceans
    Date: March 2016 | Location: Indonesia
    This YSEALI Generation Workshop will feature interactive panel discussions, workshops, and cultural outings that will enable youth leaders to learn from each other’s experiences, exchange ideas with experts in the field of education, and find avenues for cross-border collaboration.
  • YSEALI Generation: Women’s Leadership
    Jakarta, May 17-20, 2015
    The U.S. Mission to ASEAN gathered 30 young women, representing all ten ASEAN Member States, who were early-career educators, journalists, leadership trainers, activists, and politicians, all committed to assuming leadership roles in their home countries and in the region.