Our Work

As an extension of the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Consulate Medan works to implement the core elements of the Comprehensive Partnership between the United States and Indonesia in Sumatra. Sumatra, with its 55 million people and major agricultural and industrial contributions to Indonesia’s economy, is key to our partnership.

Our cooperation efforts in Sumatra include expanding trade and investment ties, increased exchange and cooperation in education and scientific research, and working together to mitigate global challenges such as deforestation and climate change.

The environment remains a core issue in Sumatra and through the Tropical Forest Conservation Agreement (TFCA) the United States is working with Indonesia to protect Sumatra’s biodiversity, including the development of civil society organizations, and strengthening management at the community level.  Through USAID, we also launched a program to support the conservation Indonesia’s forests in Sumatra.

The consulate also works to support U.S. businesses operating in Sumatra.  We help U.S. businesses better understand the opportunities and the operating and legal environment in Sumatra.