Trade and Investment Unit/Macroeconomic and Finance Unit

Trade and Investment Unit advances U.S.-Indonesia economic cooperation by promoting trade and investment ties between our two nations. In an effort to bring U.S. and Indonesian businesses together, we support trade missions, business-to-business conferences and exchanges, investment programs, and policy and regulatory reform collaboration. We advocate for a better regulatory and business environment to facilitate more rapid economic growth in both Indonesia and United States. We work to address energy, transportation, and technology needs.

Macroeconomic and Financial Unit advocates for economic liberalization, monitors macroeconomic trends in Indonesia, supports Indonesia’s efforts to strengthen its anti-money laundering and combating terror financing regimes, supports Indonesia’s programs related to its Masterplan for development, and facilitates American companies participation in Indonesia’s infrastructure development. It works closely with Indonesian entrepreneurs to help develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia and match entrepreneurs with investors.

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