Enhancing U.S.-Indonesian Military Readiness, Cooperation, and Interoperability

Garuda Shield is a regularly-scheduled, bilateral exercise sponsored by the U.S. Army Pacific and hosted annually by the Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI-Indonesian Armed Forces).  This year marks the eighth iteration of this continuing effort to promote regional peace and security.  Approximately 500 U.S. Army Pacific personnel from Hawaii and Washington, and 700 Indonesians soldiers conducted a series of bilateral military partnership and training events from September 1-11 focused on peace support operations.  This year’s exercise(s) included a bilateral computer-simulated command post exercise, jungle field training exercise, combat vehicle and aviation training, and a combined arms live fire exercise.  Garuda Shield is designed to help enhance professional relationships, and improve bilateral readiness, cooperation and interoperability between the Indonesian and U.S. forces as well as strengthen military-to-military relations with the U.S. and Indonesia.

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