Indonesian Young Leaders Join Indo-Pacific Youth Summit in Tokyo

ALLI participants from Indonesia (left to right): Siti Fuadilla Alchumaira, Muhammad Rezki Achyana, and Siti Nisrina Hasna Humaira (State Dept.)

Jakarta – Three Indonesian young leaders joined forty-one others between the ages of 20 and 27 who represented 16 nations in the Indo-Pacific region at the Advancing Long-term Leadership Initiative (ALLI): Indo-Pacific Summit held in Tokyo, Japan, on December 13 and14.

The final group of ALLI Summit participants was selected from more than 500 applicants from the region. All were alumni of U.S. government-funded exchange programs and represent academic, government, and private sector organizations. 11 facilitators chosen from more than 200 applicants from the Indo-Pacific region provided mentorship, training, and helped participants expand their regional networks.

Siti Nisrina Hasna Humaira, a 2015 YSEALI Academic Fellows Program alumni, and Muhammad Rezki Achyana, a 2016 YSEALI Academic Fellows Program alumni, were selected as participants, while Siti Fuadilla Alchumaira, a 2016 YSEALI Academic Fellows Program alumni, was selected as a facilitator.

The Indo-Pacific region faces unique social, economic, political, and environmental challenges requiring a regional response. The highly motivated leaders selected for the ALLI Summit learned leadership skills and collaborated on solutions to contemporary and future regional and global challenges. ALLI provided participants with meaningful information and resources to increase understanding of civic leadership; to strengthen resilience through examination and discussion of practical approaches to shared global challenges; and to develop an Indo-Pacific identity through cross-cultural collaboration. The summit reaffirmed that many Indo-Pacific nations are linked through the unbreakable bonds of shared history, culture, commerce, and values.

ALLI participants and facilitators (State Dept.)
ALLI participants and facilitators (State Dept.)