Journalism Workshop in Ambon: Promoting Understanding of Gender Issues Through the Media

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From January 25-26, 14 journalists and six activists from Ambon participated in the U.S. Embassy-sponsored “Journalist Empowerment Workshop: Gender Issues in Eastern Indonesia”.  Participants further developed their understanding of gender issues, received instruction on how to report and write more comparative and constructive articles about gender-sensitive issues, and analyzed issues and discussed ways to promote female empowerment and gender balance in the workplace.

The mix of participants (reporters, editors, and activists) allowed for a vibrant discussion on reporting styles, editorial policies, and local gender-related issues.  The instructors, some of whom were senior journalists from Jakarta and a female empowerment activist from Ambon, shared valuable information and tips on analyzing and writing about gender issues.  The event helped promote women’s empowerment and freedom of the press, core values shared by Indonesia and the United States.