Fact Sheet: Global Health Initiative in Indonesia

Under the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership, the United States is committed to supporting Indonesia’s efforts to improve quality of health care, expand partnerships between the public and private sector, and increase scientific collaboration.  Guided by the key programming principles of the Global Health Initiative (GHI), which streamlines and prioritizes U.S. health efforts in country, the United States and Indonesia are collaborating on three main goals reflecting our shared priorities:

  • Achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on Health: The United States is providing support to the Government of Indonesia and community and civil society efforts to reduce child mortality (MDG 4), improve maternal health (MDG 5), and combat infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS (MDG 6) by 2015 through improving the quality of health care services and increasing the use of life-saving interventions for maternal and infant health and infectious diseases.
  • Expanding Health Research and Science Partnerships:
    Under GHI, the United States supports Indonesia’s increasing capacity to conduct research and to gather, document and apply evidence in order to inform health policy and practice.  GHI is also supporting the development and use of innovative technologies to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment and to increase demand for health services.
  • Partnering on Global Health Issues:  Through the GHI, the United States is committed to supporting Indonesia’s leadership in preparedness, prevention, and response to infectious disease threats in regional and global fora, as well as Indonesia’s contribution to improved global preparedness and response against infectious diseases.