Promoting Environmental Activism with American Film Showcase

On the evening of April 15, Ambassador Blake hosted more than 60 filmmakers, activists, officials, and journalists at his residence for a screening and discussion of Come Hell or High Water, a story about environmental justice in rural Mississippi.  The film’s director, Leah Mahan, and another filmmaker, Irene Taylor Brodsky, also participated.  This was the kick-off event for American Film Showcase (AFS) Indonesia, an ambitious two-week series of screenings and workshops in Jakarta, Medan, Kendari, Bandung, and Banda Aceh.  The nationwide program includes screenings and workshops with these two award-winning American filmmakers that will promote collaborations among students, artists, and activists working on environmental issues.  AFS Indonesia also seeks to promote transparency, civic engagement, and environmental activism among influential contacts working in academia, civil society, media, and the arts.

woman with microphone