Launch of HELP App, @America, Jakarta

Remarks by Ambassador Blake at Launch of HELP App, @America, Jakarta (@America)

Remarks by Ambassador Blake at Launch of HELP App, @America, Jakarta

Selamat Siang. Selamat Hari Kartini.

It is very fitting that we gather today to talk about an extraordinary project that exists to help women.

We know Ibu Kartini was progressive for her time and that she recognized how critical education and increased access to information are for improving women’s lives.

The ‘HELP’ project and app does have an educational component, and we believe that’s critical to preventing and responding to violence against women and children.

But, it also has emergency and location service capabilities which will allow women to report in real time when they are or may be in danger.

It’s a sad reality to face, but violence against women and children affects all of our societies regardless of nationality, class, or religion.

Research clearly shows that gender based violence, wherever it occurs, undermines the ability of women to participate fully in, and contribute to, their communities, and to reach their full potential.

Certainly, as we saw in the video, the immediate impacts of violence are devastating and clear.  The long-term impacts of violence and abuse can be just as devastating and can impact victims well into adulthood.

So, the United States is proud to support projects like the “HELP” app because we know, (the data bears this out at every turn) that where women are empowered to fully participate economically, politically, and socially, communities prosper.

And we are working to be innovative in our efforts, and utilize new technologies to reach a larger audience.  The “HELP” App is a first-of-its-kind effort to provide immediate geo-location services for Indonesian women and children who may be in danger or feel threatened.

The “HELP” information menus will provide access to information on current laws, government services, psychological information on victimology of violence and sexual abuse and trafficking as well as an eventual e-library, and information on ideas for the empowerment of those abused.

“HELP” will also link Indonesian women to all of the Government of Indonesia agencies that provide services for women and children, as well as international organizations, NGO’s and other civil society assistance.

The app will even include the location of every Indonesian Embassy and Consul General location around the world to assist those overseas.

This project has limitless possibility, and will be all the more effective and relevant with all of your input and that of other stakeholders.  I urge you to consider being part of this effort by becoming a stakeholder, a content contributor, or a sponsor.

Thank you all for coming. I am sure you will be as impressed by the App as I am!