Remarks by Ambassador Blake at the Launch of the U.S Power Working Group to Support Indonesia’s 35 GW Power Generation Goals, Jakarta

PLN President Director Basir
ESDM Minister Sudirman Said
Representatives of American companies, Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.  Let me add my own warm words of welcome to all of you to today’s workshop.

Let me first thank Minister Said and PLN Director Basir for their leadership and their presence here today.  Let me also welcome members of the U.S. Power Working Group for Indonesia, many of whom have traveled a great distance to be with us.  All of us are here to express our support for helping Indonesia to implement Indonesia’s 35 gigawatt power development plan, an impressive and ambitious undertaking that will contribute greatly to President Jokowi’s goals of raising national growth rates and reducing poverty.

To echo President Jokowi’s own words, the targets presented in the 35 GW plan are not merely objectives; instead they are requirements that must be achieved.  The successful execution of this plan will provide the affordable and reliable power that Indonesia needs as a backbone to grow the economy.  And the U.S. companies represented in this Group are at the forefront of those who can help Indonesia meet its energy goals.

The U.S. Power Working Group for Indonesia represents a full Team U.S.A. approach towards helping Indonesia achieve its power generation targets.  The group represents 52 company members and 11 U.S. government agencies and departments.  Company members cover a broad range of resources and expertise, including independent power producers, renewable and clean energy companies, and providers of financing, equipment, and engineering services.  Not only are these companies focused on generating power, but they are also committed to the long-term development of Indonesia’s economy, capacity, and expertise.

In short, what you have in this room represents some of the cleanest, most efficient, cost effective power solutions in the world.  Indonesia has the opportunity to leapfrog beyond older technologies and adapt the very best solutions available.  These executives have traveled far to meet with you and I’m sure their presentations will be of great value.

The team of U.S. government agencies listed in the Power Working Group also provides a range of ongoing support and expertise, from technical assistance to financing support and funding for planning activities and pilot projects that will make power generation possible.  Our efforts are at an unprecedented level and include

  • The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s $332.5 million Green Prosperity Program,
  • USAID’s $16 million Indonesia Clean Energy Development program and its $1.46 million Capacity for Indonesian Reduction of Carbon in Land Use and Energy project,
  • the U.S. Department of Energy’s $1.2 million Sustainable Electricity for Remote Indonesian Grids program, and other investments.

As part of an effort to further deepen our relationship we will shortly be signing the Power Working Group Memorandum of Understanding. This document will be signed between the Embassy and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. It provides an important framework for cooperation. Today’s event will not be a one-off single activity. Instead, under this agreement, we look forward to undertaking a series of events targeted to match the needs and interests of Indonesia.

For example, we could potentially do workshops focused on how to connect renewable energy sources to the grid. Or a workshop on workable business models and technology to bring electrification to Indonesia’s many off-grid communities. Perhaps a workshop focused on technologies for a specific type of renewable energy.  Another avenue to reduce costs and improve the environment might be to hold an event focused on technologies for cleaner more efficient coal-fire power production.  Throughout all of these activities we will pull in cutting-edge technologies that can help reduce costs and improve energy output.

As I’m sure many of you know President Jokowi is planning on visiting the United States in late October to see President Obama.  We look forward to warmly receiving his delegation and to making his visit a success. I hope that as part of that visit we can celebrate numerous commercial engagements that will help Indonesia meet its energy goals. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to support any aspect of the upcoming visit.

Lastly, we believe that free and fair trade increases prosperity for both our nations.  My great team at the U.S. Embassy and I are fully committed to working with all of you to help bring affordable, clean, and reliable power to Indonesia, in accordance with President Jokowi’s vision.  Thank you.

As Prepared.