Remarks by Ambassador Blake at the Study in the U.S. with LPDP Presentation at @america, Jakarta

Good evening. Selamat malam.  Welcome to @America!

I am pleased to see so many enthusiastic potential graduate students who are interested in studying in the United States.  Thank you for spending your evening to learn more about our universities.

Pak Eko, from LPDP, thank you for being here.  LPDP is a valued partner in our efforts to advance educational exchange.

My highest priority as U.S. Ambassador is to strengthen the partnership between the United States and Indonesia.

One of the most meaningful and productive ways to do this is by building long-lasting connections through international educational exchange.  Education, and particularly international education, transforms lives.

There is no better way to understand one another, and our cultures, than by sharing the experience of learning together in a classroom.

I understand that most, if not all, of you have already been awarded the LPDP scholarship.  Congratulations on your achievement!

I often explain to U.S. universities that the LPDP scholarship program is highly competitive and that successful candidates are some of the brightest and most capable young leaders in Indonesia.  It’s so exciting to see Indonesia’s future gathered in this room.

This is a great time to study in America.  The United States offers tremendous educational opportunities for everyone.  As you know, the U.S. has the most prestigious, top-ranked schools in the world.

Our institutions are known for the quality of their facilities and faculties.

No matter which university you choose, you will earn a degree that is recognized and respected world-wide, opening the door to exciting career opportunities.  And with the expansion of the list of eligible U.S. universities, so there will be even more choices for you.

Let me also address a subject of great interest – visas!  It is now easier and faster than ever to get a U.S. student visa.

Most of the application process is done online, and the average wait to obtain a student visa is only three days from your interview.  Most importantly, over 96% of qualified student visa applicants are approved for a student visa.

I also want to let you know about EducationUSA.  EducationUSA provides unbiased, accurate, and comprehensive information about studying in the United States, and best of all, their services are free.  EducationUSA advisers don’t advocate for a single university; they neutrally represent all accredited institutions of higher learning.

As LPDP awardees you have one of the most difficult steps – financing your education – already taken care of.

EducationUSA will help you through the remaining steps – selecting an institution that is perfect for you, giving you advice on essays and CVs, such as on tonight’s program, help prepare you for test taking, and walk you through the other peculiarities of the application process.

After the event tonight, you can sign up to join an EducationUSA advising small group that will continue to support you through the application process.

I hope that each of you will accept my invitation to study in the United States and that this event marks the first step in your journey to study in America.

I am delighted that Pak Eko, from LPDP is with us this evening.  Pak Eko, will you please share a few words with us?

As prepared.