Remarks by Ambassador Kim Celebrating an EV Future as Ford and Its Partners Sign Nickel Agreement

Minister Luhut, Ambassador Burger, distinguished guests, it’s an honor to be here today in recognition of this important announcement.  I am deeply impressed by all the work that has gone into making this partnership a reality.

I know you had a Signing Ceremony in Soroako yesterday, with President Jokowi and Minister Luhut witnessing it.  That signifies the importance of this partnership.  I would like to thank our friend Minister Luhut for his leadership in working to diversify the mining sector and boost ESG standards.

This development is a positive step toward standard-setting operations that will not only improve the processes of clean and sustainable nickel extraction here in Indonesia, but also strengthens the trade and investment relationship between the United States and Indonesia.

Special thanks to Vale and Ford officials, who came all this way to commemorate this strengthening of ties in the important EV sector.  A zero-emissions future that prioritizes electric vehicles, offers huge opportunity for business, for clean, green jobs and economic growth and, to use President Biden’s words, to “build back better” from the global economic crisis.

The United States and Indonesia have made much progress over the past year on furthering the commitment to a net zero future.  The announcement today demonstrates a concrete step in that direction.  And this commitment sets a high ESG standard for others in this sector to follow.

Congratulations again.  We look forward to working with you and hearing about your many successes in the coming years.  Thank you.