Secretary of Commerce Mission to the 2019 Indo-Pacific Business Forum, Bangkok, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam

Media Note
U.S. Department of Commerce
October 28, 2019

United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will lead a Business Delegation to the Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Bangkok, Thailand and subsequently to Indonesia and Vietnam from November 3-8, 2019. This mission supports President Trump’s goals of accelerating U.S. commercial activity in the region, supporting job-creating export opportunities for U.S companies, and meeting the region’s needs for economic growth and development.

This mission will demonstrate the United States’ commitment to sustained economic partnerships in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The mission’s purpose is to support the business development goals of U.S. firms in the Indo-Pacific region, and specifically aims to:

  • Assist in identifying potential partners and strategies for U.S. companies to gain access to each market.
  • Help ensure a fair, open and transparent procurement process in every country and to champion reforms that help ensure U.S.-. headquartered companies have an equal opportunity to compete and win important public and private sector contracts;
  • Confirm U.S. Government support for the activities of U.S. businesses in each market and to provide access to senior decision makers in the Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese markets.
  • Listen to the needs, suggestions and experience of individual participants to help shape appropriate U.S. Government positions regarding U.S. business interests in the region.
  • Organize private and focused events with local business and association leaders capable of becoming partners and clients of U.S. firms as they develop their business in each country.
  • Assist development of competitive strategies and market access with high-level information-gathering from private and public-sector leaders.

Please see the Mission Statement for further information.

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