She Did Not Provoke It: Discussion on How to Stop “Victim-Blaming” in the Media

A mixed gender panel of four senior Indonesian journalists discussed proactive ways to stop the chain of ‘victim-blaming’ in media reporting, with an audience of 123 students, journalists, and activists at @america on March 12.  The panel discussion and Q&A addressed the responsibility of media outlets in protecting victims’ identities and avoiding biased details, not being motivated to sell a sensational story, as well as the importance of educating journalists and holding them accountable to their professional code of ethics.  Embassy Jakarta’s Women’s Council co-sponsored this program, which also featured Deputy Chief of Mission Kristen Bauer’s video remarks on Women’s History Month, as part of the U.S. Government’s ongoing activities to promote women’s empowerment in Indonesia.

Discussion: She Did Not Provoke It: How to Stop “Victim-Blaming” in Media Reporting