Statement by Secretary Kerry: The National Security Strategy

This National Security Strategy is a blueprint to leverage America’s leadership in a more complicated world than many people would have ever imagined.

It’s ambitious and achievable. It’s a pragmatic, clear-eyed assessment of both the challenges we face and the full arsenal of our power to confront them through moral, diplomatic, economic, development, and military tools. It’s a strategy to promote our values in a world where no ocean, no fence, and no firewall can shield us from the reality of threats across the globe.

In the 21st Century, next door is everywhere.

Whether the opportunities and threats are old or new, from proliferation to violent extremism to global climate change, this strategy reflects the fact that America needs to lead, we will lead, and we are leading.

It’s a vision of an America that energizes and galvanizes alliances and partnerships and puts our credibility and our capacity on the line to get things done.

For the State Department, it’s also a clarion call for the resources that back up our mission. The investments are relatively small but couldn’t pay bigger dividends for our country and our people.

Strong and sustainable leadership of a rules-based international order isn’t a favor we do for other countries – it’s a strategic imperative for America. And with this strategy, we are putting ourselves in the strongest possible position to lead and to get things done that simply couldn’t happen without our leadership and our engagement.