The Ambassador As CEO, Live on Sindo Trijaya FM

During an evening appearance on the live radio program “Talk To The CEO” on April 8, Ambassador Blake discussed bilateral relations, his leadership style, life as a diplomat, and shared experiences from his first 18 months in Indonesia.  The Ambassador spoke directly to the Indonesian people on a broad spectrum of issues, highlighting his focus on education and the environment, describing his extensive travels throughout the country, and laying out priorities in the relationship moving forward, including the upcoming visit of President Jokowi to Washington later this year.  Part of the 60 minute program included questions submitted live via SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp; during this segment the Ambassador addressed Islamaphobia in the U.S. after 9/11, the status of Indonesia in the world in 2020, and the value the U.S. places on its relationship with Indonesia.  When asked to provide advice for aspiring diplomats in the final segment, Ambassador Blake highlighted the importance of economics (in addition to international politics) as playing an enormous role in global politics and relations between states in the 21st century.