The Rebalance In Practice: America’s Partnership with Southeast Asia

On December 2, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Scot Marciel spoke to an audience of over 120 students, scholars, policy makers, and members of the media at @america on America’s partnership with Southeast Asia. He discussed the U.S. relationship with Indonesia, articulated U.S. policy goals in the greater Asia Pacific region, and ‎highlighted America’s commitment to deeper and broader engagement with ASEAN.  Following his remarks, Ambassador Marciel fielded questions on Indonesia’s focus on maritime policies and opportunities for bilateral cooperation, climate change, food security, private sector investment, the ASEAN Economic Community, science and technology cooperation, clean/renewable energy challenges (and opportunities), citizens exchange programs, and working with the Jokowi administration. During his visit to Indonesia, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Marciel will also meet with members of the Indonesian government, civil society, and the international business community, as well as speak with members of the Indonesian media.