The United States Partners with Muhammadiyah to Advance COVID-19 Case Management in Hospitals

The United States Partners with Muhammadiyah to Advance COVID-19 Case Management in Hospitals (State Dept. / USAID)

JAKARTA – On Thursday, February 11, 2021, the United States Government represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Indonesia Mission Director Ryan Washburn, joined the Head of Majelis Pembina Kesehatan Umum (MPKU) Muhammadiyah. Agus Samsudin, and the Director of Public Health Services from the Ministry of Health, dr. Rita Rogayah, SpP(K), MARS, to launch a new COVID-19 Information System.

This web- and application-based system provides resources for health workers and also serves as a digital learning platform to improve COVID-19 case management in Muhammadiyah-Aisyiyah network of hospitals (RSMA). The system is now helping 30 Muhammadiyah COVID-19 treatment centers within the RSMA network to apply standard COVID-19 care protocols and improve monitoring and reporting of patient care and services. This system also facilitates easier clinician-to-clinician consultation, which can improve testing and treatment. To date, more than 400 health workers have been trained to use this system.

In his remarks, Mission Director Washburn said: “The United States Government, through USAID, is proud to support 30 COVID-19 treatment centers in Muhammadiyah-Aisyiyah network of hospitals to provide enhanced care to COVID-19 patients while protecting frontline health workers.”

The system is integrated with Muhammadiyah’s current database and operational system and will be expanded into a more advanced system in which all 80 RSMA hospitals will be able to access patients’ medical histories based on their unique patient ID. This integrated system will allow hospitals to respond faster and make well-informed decisions in managing COVID-19 cases and more. Further, this system could contribute to Indonesia’s need for an improved data management system for other aspects of the COVID-19 response, including vaccination.

M. Agus Samsudin said “Muhammadiyah’s partnership with USAID is contributing significantly to Indonesia’s efforts in combating COVID-19. Muhammadiyah will continue utilizing the tools we have developed together to improve COVID-19 response in our network of hospitals and beyond.”

The United States Government through USAID has committed roughly $11 million (IDR 187 billion) as part of the U.S. Government’s global humanitarian and health responses to COVID-19. This includes $700,000 provided to MPKU Muhammadiyah under the MPKU COVID-19 response program. With USAID support, Muhammadiyah has trained over 5,000 health care workers, procured clinical equipment to support COVID-19 services in 84 hospitals across seven provinces, and treated more than 10,000 COVID-19 patients. Also with USAID support, Muhammadiyah has developed a Hospital Preparedness Plan for disease outbreak, which has been introduced across the Muhammadiyah network and shared with 120 non-Muhammadiyah hospitals. Over the next four years, USAID will also continue to partner with Muhammadiyah to improve tuberculosis testing, diagnosis, and treatment services.

For more information, visit or contact USAID Communications Officer Swiny Andina at or +628118080084.