U.S. Assists Trafficking Victims Stranded in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – The U.S. Government plans to contribute approximately $225,000 in emergency victim assistance funds to help support the efforts by the Government of Indonesia and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to rescue hundreds of Burmese, Cambodian, Lao, and Thai fishermen who are victims of forced labor and stranded in Eastern Indonesia.  This is in addition to the assistance from existing U.S. Government-supported programs in the region.  The U.S. Embassy commends the Government of Indonesia’s immediate actions to rescue these victims and encourages Indonesia’s leadership in combatting human trafficking in the fishing industry and bringing to justice those responsible.  The United States hopes that this tragic case will raise awareness of the issue and contribute to a regional approach to addressing the problem in a systematic manner.

U.S. funding will support costs for case-workers, medical staff, and escorts from IOM Indonesia, as well as direct assistance, which may include medical care, food and water, shelter, and return and reintegration assistance for trafficking victims.

For more information, contact U.S. Embassy Information Officer, JohnsonJE@state.gov.