Completing the DS-2029

The form (DS-2029) should be downloaded and printed on white A4 or letter-size paper, with each page on a separate sheet of paper.

Complete sections 1 to 15 on the application in block letters and black ink. This information is mandatory. Where appropriate, items should be answered with “None” rather than “N/A.”

Item 6 – Full Name: Please complete this item with your names as they appear on your passports. For women who have adopted their spouse’s surname, please complete thus: “Jane Smith Doe, nee Jane Mary Smith.”

Item 10 – Address in United States: If you maintain a U.S. residence or address, please provide that here. If you do not, you may write “None.”

Item 11 – Evidence of U.S. Citizenship: Please complete this item with your U.S. passport number, date of issue, and place of issue. Foreign nationals may complete this item by stating only the country of their nationality.

Item 12 – Physical Presence: This is the actual time when the parent was physically present in the United States. This means that any travel outside the United States, including vacation, should be excluded. Maintaining a residence in the U.S. does not constitute physical presence. Please use the space on the form to list all periods in which you were physically within the borders of the United States to the best of your memory. Start with your birth, if you were born in the United States, or your first entry to the United States, if you were born abroad, and account for all periods up to the present. If possible, please use the space on the form rather than attaching a separate page with this information.

Do not sign the form until requested by a consular officer.