Death of a U.S. Citizen

We notify a deceased American’s next of kin and, upon receipt of instructions and funds from the next of kin, help arrange either local burial or return of the remains and effects to the U.S. We obtain the local death certificate and use it to prepare a Consular Report of Death Abroad.  Please call us anytime to report the death of an American citizen at +62-21-5083-1000, select 0 to speak with the operator.  For more information, please see Travel.State.Gov.

The Social Security Administration should be notified of deaths of American citizens and legal permanent residents (LPRs).  To report a death to the Social Security Administration, navigate to the “U.S. Citizens Services” tab, and select the link for “Social Security.” In the segment “Online Inquiry Form” you can report a death and at the same time ask about possible survivor benefits.

The following is submitted in accordance with referenced requirements to provide current data on Indonesian law regarding the disposition of remains.

Maximum Period Before Internment

Indonesian law requires that the remains be buried within 24 hours after death.  When embalming has been performed, burial may be delayed for one week.  Jakarta has several mortuaries, one of which is adequate.  There are mortuaries in larger towns within the consular district, but their facilities are marginal.


Embalming is available, although preparation of embalming as known in the United States is not available.  It is usually good for three weeks only, which is considered sufficient time to transport the body to its final destination for disposition.  Therefore, it is prohibited by Indonesian authorities to open the coffin for viewing.


Cremation is available, although in some areas of the consular district cremation is done on pyres.  The cost of cremation depends on mode of cremation (oven or pyres) and the type of wood and the thickness of the coffin.

Casket and Containers

When the remains of a deceased person are to be transported abroad, the remains are to be placed in a zinc casket which is hermetically sealed by soldering.  The casket is then placed in a wood coffin which is at least 3 centimeters thick.  Indonesian law requires that for air shipment the coffin is placed in a shipping crate.  All required containers are readily available locally.

Exportation of Remains

Documentation required for exportation of human remains from Indonesia.

  1. Indonesian doctor’s death certificate
  2. Official death certificate (Akta Kematian)
  3. Certificate from the City Health Service (DKK) certifying that death was not caused by a contagious disease
  4. Embalming or cremation certificate
  5. Coffin sealing certificate
  6. Permit to export human remains or ashes


Casket:  1st class                                                                                                           $1,800-3,000.00

2nd class                                                                                              $1,500.00

Container (urn) for ashes                                                                                  $80-$300.00

Shipping crate                                                                                                   $800-900.00

Cremation                                                                                                                     $500-800.00

Embalming                                                                                                                    $250-400.00

Autopsy                                                                                                             $1,500-2,500.00

(An additional charge of $100 is charged if autopsy is done after office hours/weekend)

Preparation of documents and handling of shipment of remains          $300-500.00

Transportation and airport handling (e.g.: ambulance)                                     $200-300.00

Cost of burial plot, 3 yrs. rental                                                                        $400-1,500.00

(renewable for 3‑yr period and price is depend on location of the cemetery)


Average weight of body, coffin and shipping crate is approximately 250 kilograms.  Cost of airfreight for international flight to the West Coast is approximately $100/Kg., to the East Coast (New York) is $110/Kg, and to Houston/Dallas is $80/Kg for international flight (Jakarta‑San Francisco) plus 110% of domestic freight charges (San Francisco‑Houston/Dallas). Some airlines request fumigation and it approximately cost $550.


All prices are subject to change and depend on the location in Indonesia where the American passed away.

CDC requirements for importing human remains depend upon if the body has been embalmed, cremated, or if the person died from a quarantinable communicable disease.

At this time, COVID-19 is a quarantinable communicable disease in the United States and the remains must meet the standards for importation found in 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 71.55 and may be cleared, released, and authorized for entry into the United States only under the following conditions:

  • The remains are cremated; OR
  • The remains are properly embalmed and placed in a hermetically sealed casket; OR
  • The remains are accompanied by a permit issued by the CDC Director. The CDC permit (if applicable) must accompany the human remains at all times during shipment.
    • Permits for the importation of the remains of a person known or suspected to have died from a quarantinable communicable disease may be obtained through the CDC Division of Global Migration and Quarantine by calling the CDC Emergency Operations Center at 770-488-7100 or emailing

Please see CDC’s guidance for additional information.