U.S. Embassy Celebrates 70 Years of U.S.-Indonesia Relations in Manado

Ambassador Joseph R. Donovan Jr., the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, and Mark McGovern, U.S. Consul General to Surabaya, celebrated 70 years of official diplomatic
relations between Indonesia and the United States while in Manado. During their time in North Sulawesi, they opened the 2019 Cope West joint military exercise, inaugurated a new
partnership between U.S. company Forever Oceans and the provincial government of North Sulawesi, and marked the 243rd American Independence Day.

Ambassador Donovan’s visit to North Sulawesi included a gala event celebrating the 243rd Independence Day of the United States, highlighting the theme of “Celebrating Diversity,
Partnership, and Prosperity.” North Sulawesi Governor Olly Dondokambey, Mayor of Manado Vicky Lumentut, Mayor of Bitung, Maximiliaan Jonas Lomban, along with 400
other distinguished guests attended the event.

Consul General Mark McGovern delivered remarks showcasing the important links between the U.S. and Indonesia, saying, “There truly is nowhere else in our region that embodies the closeness of the United States and Indonesia like Manado and North Sulawesi.” U.S. direct investment in North Sulawesi continues to grow, and Ambassador Donovan
inaugurated a new partnership between U.S. company, Forever Oceans, and the provincial government of North Sulawesi. Ambassador Donovan said, “This investment highlights the
strong economic and people-to-people ties between the United States and Indonesia.” Forever Oceans is introducing new technologies to support Indonesian livelihoods, and CEO Jason Heckathorn said, “We see tremendous potential in North Sulawesi and are grateful for the community partnership that enables us to bring sustainable mariculture to the region.
The Cope West Military exercise, one of over 200 military engagements the U.S. and Indonesia conduct annually, was opened on June 17, 2019. During the exercise, six U.S.
F-16s and seven Indonesian F-16s will conduct combined sorties, and for the first time, Air Force Special Operations Units from both countries will integrate into the conventional
fighter exercise. Cope West 19 provides valuable training for the U.S. and Indonesian Air Forces, and promotes a peaceful Indo-Pacific region.

“By participating in exercises with military forces from our regional partner nations, such as Indonesia, the United States reinforces its commitment to peace and stability in the region,”
said Ambassador Donovan. For more information about this program, or other Consulate programs, please contact PASsurabaya@state.gov.