U.S. Embassy Jakarta Celebrates 100K Visa Approvals in 2023

(Photo: State Dept.)

JAKARTA – This month, U.S. Embassy Jakarta celebrated the issuance of more than 100,000 visas to Indonesian applicants in 2023. The Embassy has seen an increase in both visa applications and approvals this year, with issuances up over 40 percent compared to the period prior to the pandemic. In 2022, the Embassy issued over 57,000 visitor visas.

“The number of visa applications and approvals shows that the United States continues to be a popular choice for Indonesian travelers with visas in high demand,” said U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Michael D. Quinlan. “We are happy to facilitate travel and see more Indonesians traveling to the United States.”

In an event earlier this month, the Embassy recognized its 100,000th visa recipient, Sururoh Tullah Ade Doin Uthman, an international relations coordinator at Nahdlatul Ulama Women’s Student Association (IPPNU). She will travel to the United States to participate in the USG-sponsored Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) program. “I am pleased that my visa application was approved. It is a very good news, especially to be the 100,000th visa recipient and that I can go to the United States,” Sururoh said.

Earlier this year, U.S. Ambassador Sung Y. Kim launched the “TravelUSA: American Destinations and Culture” campaign to promote tourism from Indonesia to the United States.  Traveling to the United States offers a chance to experience American cultures, U.S. travel destinations, world-famous cuisine, high quality education, world class shopping, and a range of sporting events. The U.S. Embassy provides detailed information about making an appointment, completing an application, and preparing for a visa interview.

Please find the link to videos related to 100K visa celebration here.