U.S. Embassy Jakarta Launches 70th Anniversary Digital Platform with Special Exhibit “70 for 70”

JAKARTA – As part of the yearlong celebration of the 70th Anniversary of diplomatic ties with Indonesia, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta proudly announces the launch of the IndonesiaUSA70th digital platform: indonesiausa70th.com.  A stunning, interactive visual display, the platform allows visitors to explore the breadth and depth of the relationship between the United States and Indonesia.  Highlighting the diversity, partnership, and prosperity of the two countries, the IndonesiaUSA70th platform shares and celebrates the places, stories, and dreams of the people of both countries, reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future.

A special exhibit 70 for 70 curated and organized by Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C., serves as the core of the platform, and showcases all that the United States and Indonesia have in common: rich histories leading to independence, ethnic and religious diversity, and vibrant democracies.  The exhibit is a celebration of the people-to-people connections that are the foundation of the strong partnership.  Updated throughout the year, the digital platform will continue to feature the ways in which the United States and Indonesia are working together to create a prosperous future for coming generations of Indonesians and Americans.

For more information about the 70th Anniversary, please contact JakartaPressOffice@State.gov. Additional information about the U.S.-Indonesia partnership is available on the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta website: id.usembassy.gov.