United States, Indonesia Advance Global Pandemic Preparedness

United States, Indonesia Advance Global Pandemic Preparedness (State Dept. / Budi Sudarmo)

The United States as first COVID Summit Chair; Indonesia, holding the G20 Presidency; Belize, as CARICOM Chair; Germany, holding the G7 Presidency; and Senegal as African Union Chair, will co-host the second Global COVID-19 Summit, which will be held virtually on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at 8 p.m. (WIB), and broadcast online at WH.GOV/Live.

The Summit will redouble efforts made at the first COVID Summit and will focus on four key objectives: recommitting intensity to global response; vaccinating the world; protecting the most vulnerable; and preventing future catastrophes.

President Biden, President Jokowi, and fellow heads of state from the co-host nations will kick off the Summit with remarks on how fighting COVID-19 must remain an international priority. The Summit will then feature three sessions focused on getting shots in arms, expanding access to tests and treatments, and advancing health security and preventing future catastrophes.  Ahead of the Summit, the U.S. called on the leaders of governments, civil society, businesses, and philanthropies to make significant new commitments.

At the Tempo Bilateral Forum 2022 on Thursday, Ambassador Kim said, “COVID-19 will not be the last or biggest global health threat we face, so we must invest in the resilience of our global health infrastructure.”  Speaking about post-pandemic economic recovery, he noted that “The United States supports Indonesia’s G20 prioritization of global health architecture.  President Biden has requested over $28 billion in the next national budget be directed towards global health, health systems, and health security.  This will help us be better prepared for the next health shock.”

To date, President Biden has committed to sharing 1.2 billion doses of safe, effective vaccines with the world, and the U.S. has made good on that commitment. The U.S. has shipped over 530 million doses of vaccine to 115 countries around the world, over four times more than the next closest donor.  The U.S. has sent them for free with no strings attached.

The United States and the co-host nations look forward to another successful Summit to accelerate the international response to combat COVID-19 and to advance global pandemic preparedness.