US Government Attends TNI’s 69th Anniversary Event in Surabaya

DCM Kristen F. Bauer, CG Joaquin F. Monserrate and US Military Attaché attended the TNI’s 69th anniversary event held at Mako Armatim Dermaga Ujung, Surabaya, E. Java on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. At the event, the Indonesian Military (TNI) showed off its most sophisticated primary weaponry system, including F16 Fighting Falcons, Boeing 737 and Apache helicopter.

group of delegates

The parade also included military martial arts, 18,580 troops, fighters flying overhead and warships sailing past. The U.S.-Indonesia military-to-military relationship has steadily progressed since its resumption in 2005. Every year, there are more than 170 US-Indonesia military-to-military engagements.