USAID Announces Budget Increase for Development Programs in Indonesia

JAKARTA — Last Friday the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick met with Mohammad Al-Arief, Special Advisor to Indonesia’s Minister of Finance. At the meeting, Deputy Administrator Glick reinforced USAID’s commitment to support Indonesia’s development and announced USAID Indonesia’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget at $93 million dollars, a $3 million increase since the last fiscal year. This funding will support ongoing and future programs in governance, environment security, higher education and research, economic growth, and health.

Deputy Administrator Glick said at the meeting: “In USAID, our mantra is that we work with countries as they proceed on their journey to self-reliance. For Indonesia, we funded 90 million dollars last year, and this year, our funding will be $93 million. At the end of the day, we’re looking for ways to work with IndoAID, to build the capacity there with Indonesia as a global leader.” The Ministry of Finance is one of USAID’s principal partners and plays an important role in achieving sustainable development gains on shared priorities between the United States and Indonesia.

Special Adviser Al-Arief noted the historic partnership between the United States and Indonesia and that Indonesia is working toward improving public financial management and tax administration. A third of Indonesia’s national budget is spent on fiscal transfers to over 540 local government in 34 provinces. Public financial management is key to ensuring that tax is both collected and spent efficiently. Together with the Government of Indonesia, USAID is designing its next five-year (2021-2026) strategy, which aims to support Indonesia’s vision for self-reliance by catalyzing economic growth and improving public financial management.

Prior to her arrival in Indonesia, on November 4, DA Glick participated in the Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Bangkok, Thailand, where she noted USAID’s expanding partnerships in Indo-Pacific countries (including Indonesia) on energy, infrastructure, digital connectivity, trade, and other economic activities.

Through results-driven investment, USAID works with the Government of Indonesia, local leaders, the private sector, civil society and other development partners to strengthen a just and accountable democracy, expand basic services, and enhance mutual security and prosperity. 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of U.S.-Indonesia relations; the U.S. Government is proud to share a long history of partnership with Indonesia and looks forward to further strengthening mutual security, health, and prosperity over the next 70 years and beyond. |

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