Passport and Visa Fraud

Concerned that someone you know is breaking U.S. immigration law? Do the right thing by reporting incidents of fraud or abuse of U.S. visa and passport law to the U.S. Embassy.

Email us at Please provide as much detail as possible. The information you provide will help protect both the United States and the Republic of Indonesia while facilitating legitimate travel.

What is passport and visa fraud?

Offenders commit passport crime to:

  • Conceal their identity, such as fugitives and terrorists
  • Illegally enter the United States or avoid deportation
  • Commit financial crimes and bank fraud
  • Facilitate other criminal activity such as drug trafficking or alien smuggling

How is passport fraud committed?

  • Assuming the identity of a deceased person to apply for passports
  • Using phony support documents, such as fake birth certificates
  • Using stolen and altered passports
  • Circumventing the two-parent signature rule for children

Criminals commit visa fraud to:

  • Smuggle aliens into the United States
  • Flee from prosecution
  • Facilitate drug trafficking and terrorist operations
  • Assist with other crimes, like remaining in the United States illegally

What are typical types of visa fraud?

  • Presenting false documents to apply for a visa
  • Concealing facts that would disqualify one from getting a visa, like a criminal history in the alien’s home country
  • The sale, trafficking, or transfer of otherwise legitimate visas
  • Misrepresenting the reasons for requiring a visa
  • Counterfeiting, forgery, or alteration of a visa